Kristen Bell Gets Out The Vote at Beverly Hills Post Office

If you happened to stop by the Beverly Hills Post Office Yesterday you might have run into the stars of Heroes Kristen Bell and Hayden Panittiere, (Pics) at an event they called “Declare Yourself.” They were trying to get all 18 year olds to register to vote in the 2008 election. Hayden (More Pics) just turned 18, and Kristen is not much older, so they understand that the young people in this country need to vote, especially if they are interested in doing away with the current regime.
If everyone in this country voted it would be a better place. Of course Hayden and Kristen already make it a better place. See for yourself.

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Natalie Portman Pics From Upcoming Hotel Chevalier

Everyone is all agog at the pics coming out from Natalie Portman’s new movie Hotel Chevalier. all the pics of Ms. Portman with pink hair are from the new film. Natalie is showing a lot of skin in this one, and we have the pics below to prove it. Apparently Natalie plays some kind of dancer in this one. Ms. Portman is also featured in a couple of nice beach pics, the sun and the moon are out in these pics, but you can see whats behind them underneath. In other Natalie, news, she has been seen hanging out in Tribeca with her boyfriend Ethan somebody, ok heres the pics.

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Elisha Cuthbert is Not The Girl Next Door

So the celebublogs were all in a lather last week about the rumored possibility of a tape featuring Elisha Cuthbert doing a bunch of things that they really really wanted to see. The speculation was that she had done like her character in the movie “The Girl Next Door” and made a tape of her enjoying vigorous physical activity with another person or persons. Well it turns out that such a tape does not exist. At least according to Elisha’s people. Either way it’s an excuse for us to put up some pics from the aforementioned movie (the first 8 photos) starring Miss Cuthbert. There’s some other nice pictures of Elisha as well.

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Katherine Heigl Wins Emmy for Grey's Anatomy

Katherine Heigl won the emmy award tonight for best actress at the ceremony in Los Angeles. Katherine had been up for an unbelievable 10 nominations, she won her first in the best supporting actress category. Katherine plays the character Isabel “Izzy” Stevens in the popular ABC show. Sandra Oh and Chandra Wilson who both star with Ms. Heigl on the program were also nominated in the same best supporting actress category. Katherine who looked beautiful as ever in a flowing white gown which you can see below looked surprised when her name was called. Here are some pics of the winner with her statue, along with a few other new shots of Katherine. Congradulations.

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Lucy Liu is in The Cashmere Mafia

Whatever happened to Lucy Liu? The Kill Bill Star is now on the streets of New York City shooting an ABC TV show called Cashmere Mafia with Tom Everett Scott. Lucy was really hot in another movie that came out a while back called “Play it To The Bone,” She of course has also appeared in the Charlie’s Angles Movies with Cameron Diaz, and Drew Barrymore. Heres some pics of Lucy, some of which you won’t see on TV

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Happy Belated Birthday Claudia Schiffer

Claudia Schiffer who has been everyones favorite model for the past 20 years just recently celebrated her birthday, Claudia who recently posed for some hot pics for Paris Vogue, spends most of her time in semi-retirement these days hanging out her husband and son. Claudia still does some runway and print work every now and then. She can pick and choose when it comes to fashion work, here are some pics of Ms. Schiffer

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