Paris Hilton: Free At Last. Leaves Jail After Only 5 Days

Paris Hilton has been sprung from her Los Angeles jail cell after only 5 days, of a 23 day sentence that was originally reduced from 45 days. After much legal wrangling from her Lawyers, Paris was sent home and will be under house arrest, and forced to wear an ankle bracelet until her “time” is complete. Paris had been very upset, and was crying often while in jail. I wonder if she will still get the $2 Million as was reported yesterday. Either way, she’s out, I don’t believe she should have been sent to jail in the first place. This country is passing more and more laws in an ever increasing get tough on crime policy, they want to put everyone “in the system” for some reason or other. In celebration of Ms. Hilton’s release here are some more of the pics you want to see. Click on Thumbnail Pic to see Full Size Image

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Paris Hilton high heels Paris Hilton bikini beach Paris Hilton nipple slip